Industrial Network

What is an Industrial network?

Network, as we know, are the medium which interconnect various equipment from the sensor to the server to collect bulk quantity data so as to effectively control\monitor and to do analyze data to make quality decisions.
Industrial network can be classified into five major level,
They are, …

  1. Field level
  2. Control level
  3. Supervisory level
  4. Planning level
  5. Management level
  • Field level

In this network level, devices on the field or on factory floor are included such as, actuator, sensors which are doing the physical work and monitoring. Electrical motor, pneumatic and hydraulic actuator which are using for move the machinery, proximity switches to detect the material and photo electric switch that doing similar things are include in the field level.

  • Control Level

PLC and PID devices are included in this level, these control devices actually using the physical devices i.e., actuators and sensors.
PLC takes information from sensor and make the command to the actuators to do physical movement.
PID are usually integrated to the plc, and it stand for Proportional Integral Derivative (PID), that actually keep the variable within the set of parameters i.e., the heater and burner controller are the common type of controller available in the plant.

  • Supervisory level

The previous level utilizes PLC while this level utilizes SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system. In this level it can control various PLC remotely from a single location.

  • Planning level

This level uses computer management system known as MES (Manufacturing Execution System)

MES monitoring the entire manufacturing process in the plant or factory from the raw material to the finished product. This allows the management exactly what happening and helping them to make the decisions.

  • Management Level

This is the top level which is using integrated management system commonly known as ERP (Enterprises Recourse Planning). This level can help the top management to monitor entire section of the include many software in addition to the previous levels which is help to make a decision from manufacturing t sail and pay roll. Which is bring all section of a company to a single screen.

NOTE: This is what calling with another name the “automation pyramid “


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