Panel components

In an industry we can classify our Electrical panels based on their function mainly into:

  • PCC-Power control center
  • MCC-Motor Control Centre
  • APFC-Automatic Power Factor Controller
  • PLC control panels   … etc.…

All those panels having many components associated with it,
Mostly, we could classify all these things are into

  • Panel enclosures
         There are panel enclosure with different dimension and IP rating .
    IP  rating is the standard that specifying for  safety purpose from both dust and water…
  • Switches

Commonly using industrial switches are TNC switches, Push Bottoms and Toggle switches …

  • Switchgears

In other words, there are various kind of breakers that we are using…
mostly we call it as MCB, MCCB, ACB…depends on its ampere ratings…

  • Controllers

Controllers refers for the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) which we using in our plant to control the process.
The PLC is a micro controller device made rigidly for industrials purpose almost failure free, even if its failure that happening in a safe manner

It can be programmed using specific language such as Ladder logic, Functional block, flow chart, structured text.
there are different brand of PLC are available on Market, the major products belong to Allen Bradley, Siemens etc.

  • Drives

There are various drives that are using for controlling induction motors such as VFDs…
    And specific drives using for to control servo motors which are specifically using in robotic arms, pharmaceutical industry mostly where actually need very precise rotations…

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